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Amazing Phono Stage

Extremely quiet, excellent presentation, great dynamics, very realistic hall sound. One of the best phono stages under $1000. Personally, I prefer this to the Musical Surroundings Phonomena II, which is also a great phono pre-amp, but doesn't do the hall sound as well. In my opinion, this one wins the prize for best under $1000.

Picks up radio signals and electrical hum very easily. Might require a lot of moving/shifting to find a spot where it's totally quiet, but once you find it, it's dead quiet.

If you're looking for a great phono stage under a $1000, you can't lose with this one. It also has extremely flexible gain and loading settings to make it compatible with every type of cartridge. Multiple equalization curves are also very useful. But most importantly, the sound coming from this unit is incredible. There are many glowing reviews popping up all over the internet, especially during the recent months. Some reviewers pair this stage with extremely expensive equipment to see how well it holds up, and find that it performs extremely well, better than other phono stages that cost thousands more! This phono stage is a game changer.

Written By: VladTheImpala on Aug 10, 2015
Last Updated By: angust63 on Apr 8, 2016

Comments / Replies on This Review

Re: Amazing Phono Stage

Good Review Vlad, I am going to consider this, happy listning,

By stevadore on Aug 15, 2016
Re: Amazing Phono Stage

I have the IFi phono stage also. sounds great, with all of the different combinations of loads and curve setups you can really tune this little phono preamp. I have 2 turntables with different carts MC/MM both plugged into the stage ready to go. Amazing ! Always searching for Audio Nirvana

By cmbreeze on Feb 24, 2017
Re: Amazing Phono Stage

You also can't ignore the Shiit Mani for $125.00 US, or say $200.00 Can. Shipped. The best MM phono stage you will find under $1000.00

Add a $ 200.00 16Vac power supply and it's the best under $1000.00 MM phono preamp you'll ever hear and no radio signals to interfere with the music.

By i845days on Aug 23, 2017
Re: Amazing Phono Stage

I to will attest to this amazing unit.
I was so impressed I also bought the pre amp.

By echo8 on Jun 21, 2018

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