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Mission Pilastro

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Mission Pilastro
Pilastro is one of an elite group of loudspeakers in the world, which can truly be referred to as ‘super-speakers’. Their breathtaking looks and superlative build , barely do justice to their high sensitivity, huge bandwidth and explosive dynamic range.

Features include a unique 'ring-dome' tweeter unit, natural hemp mid-range driver and 'balanced force equilibrium' bass drivers, all optimised to create a frequency bandwidth from 20Hz to 56kHz, all within 3dB of mean. Dispersion is optimised through a symmetrical driver arrangement – perfectly time and phase aligned.

Cabinet construction is equally impressive. A new material, 'Granitech', has been employed for the first time in a loudspeaker structure - virtually eliminating resonance and producing sensational transient attack and rhythm.

The crossover uses silver wiring, hardwired between the very finest audiophile components available, all build into a separate base enclosure.

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