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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:51 am 

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I have a set of JBL L36 and I was hoping someone can tell me the best way to clean the black front(where the speakers are). I tried using just water and now there is streaks and marks all over it, also there are spots that are more shiny and I want it to be all be flat black. What’s the best way to get clean without streaks and marks on it. I made things so much more worse by trying to clean them :(

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:15 am 

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The last set of speaker grills I cleaned was in the bath tub. Add half a cup of Mr Clean and a small squirt of dish soap to about three or four inches of warm water.....drop the grills in so the whole cloth is submerged at once...then raise and lower the grill multiple times. You should see the dirt start to separate from the cloth. Do this a dozen times over a couple of minutes. Drain the water while leaving the grilles laying flat on the bottom of the tub. GENTLY add clean, warm water. Agitate as above for five or six times. Drain, leaving the grills FLAT on the tub bottom. It is important to leave the grills flat in the tub bottom as, when they are wet, the extra weight could stretch the cloth. Once the tub is drained I take a clean dry towel and blot the grills to remove as much excess water as possible.. Once this is done, lift the grill out of the tub and lay flat on top of a clean dry towel. Leave it to dry.

The streaks were caused as parts of the grill cloth are cleaner than other areas. The trick is to clean the whole thing at the same time. BE CAREFUL that you do not stretch the cloth when they are wet. Also, do NOT leave the grills in the water for more than a few minutes. Otherwise the frame will absorb the water and may warp.

Take your time, do one at a time. Let them dry for at least 4 hours before moving them. Let them dry on a solid, flat surface. I lay them on towels in the bedroom, then close the door to keep dogs, kids, wives etc out.

If the grills are foam covered, be REALLY careful as the foam may well disintegrate. Test a small area before soaking them entirely.

Best, Tom

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:12 am 
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I think they are referring to the black painted surface of the cabinet, not the grill cloth.

If someone left them near a sun filled window, the paint will have faded.

Warm soapy water should do the trick to clean the surface.


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