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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:30 am 

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I had a chance to audition Westlake audio speakers Lc3W10V a couple of month's ago and was very impressed with them, Doran Or was kind enough to invite me back to audition the bigger brother of those the Lc3w12V and WOW what a treat it was. Doron and I are big believers if you really want to get the finest sound out of high-quality speakers you need to supply them with lots of power (clean power) , Doran's set up includes 2 bryston 14B ST in vertical bi-amping (each amp drives one speaker) each one is 600 watts into 8 ohm and 900 Watts into 4 ohm, Analogue front end : Tuurtable is 40"tall, custon built, plywood plinth, JVC TT-101drive unit,Zeta tonearm and EMT HSD-6MC cartridge, EMT STX-20 step-up transformer into McAlisterPH-6 phono stage, the tube pre amp McAlister MA-10B (using 6MJ8 and 6MN8 triple triode Compactron TV sweep tubes) Cables are a combination BISAudio and westlake audio cables. We started out by putting on some classical and I was blown away by the dynamics about as good as it could get, we then proceeded to Shelby Lynns just a little lovin recorded by analog productions and WOW talk about full, dynamic, 3 dimensional, just makes the hair on your neck stand out truly outstanding, the same result when we put on Tracy Chapman , just wanted to play it over and over, it was like she was standing in front of us so lifelike and real. We then started on heavy metal, Box set of Metallica 45rpm recording (still my Favorite heavy metal album all time ) I thought it sounded superb on my set up, I can now say I have heard the best heavy metal sound I have ever heard and the Westlake's are it. We did some ACDC some Queen, Pink Floyd, all absolutely superb. We then went to some Patricia Barber Cafe Blue and I can say that the mid range on the Westlake's are the best I have ever heard, the instruments are as precise as I have heard very impressive, we ended the evening with Ricki Lee Jones and WOW just left your mouth watering.
Thx again Doron , it was a treat for me to hear that in my lifetime is the best sound I have ever heard and I can't wait to add some pieces to my set up to make it sound similar to your set up, as I said in my other audition of westlake audio speakers anybody in market for speakers get in touch with Doron and have a listen to the westlake line and I"m sure you will be impressed to the point of they will be on your list to consider for purchase.

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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 9:43 am 

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Hi Ralph,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review and for your kind words!
The setup is in the following photo:

I have to say: Power 15 years in this hobby I was a believer in “less is more” and “lower powered tube and/or solid state amps are better” but a pair of Westlake Audio Lc3W12V and a pair of Bryston 14B ST’s with 900watts per channel into 4 ohm in vertical bi amping taught me otherwise.
It provides a very natural, effortless and relaxed sound with a very sweet top end, rich and detailed mids and seriously good bass (one which is coherent, goes deep and is layered as opposed to one note). I would dare to call this sound “musical” (non-fatiguing). How can I tell? because I am sitting way too many hours in my basement listening to it (wife is getting upset with my "one more song, honey..."), I listen to complete albums as opposed to feeling the need to switch after a track or two, I play fairly loud but it does not sound loud (=low distortion).
So what about tubes? In the context of this application (complex crossovers), the two Bryston 14B ST's have sufficient juice and the McAlister MA-10B tube preamp adds liquidity, 3D and flow to the sound and as far as future tube power amplification, tubes will be great as long as they are powerful enough.
From my latest experiments at friend’s systems: This higher power concept proved true even with other speaker designs (Tannoy SRM-12's) which are usually amplified with low powered amps, not to mention Single Ended Triode's.
The point is: when a well designed power amp has sufficient power/headroom, it actually sounds very sweet/smooth, effortlessly dynamic and relaxed at the same time.

Here is an interesting white paper about this concept:

Of course there are more parameters which influence the sound of an amplifier than whether an amplifier is clipping or not (circuit design, linearity, level of channel matching, distortion levels, feedback levels, maximum voltage swings, what is the current limitation of the amp?, impedance matching, slew rates, damping factors, etc, etc) but I think that Sanders does have a point re:
What is the real power requirement of a speaker?
Do we provide our speakers sufficient power to assume their full potential?
And how can we tell?

Food for thought.

Doron Or, P. Eng.
Westlake Audio and McAlister Audio distributor and technical rep.
(780) 995-6056

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