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Forum Rules and Rules Enforcement Must Read
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Author:  admin [ Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Forum Rules and Rules Enforcement Must Read

Hi everyone,

This thread is a quick "must read" regarding the rules and expectations in the CAM forums. The CAM forums are a vital part of communication in support of our hobby and the community. If all participants agree to follow a few principles of civility and professionalism, the discussion board can be a great opportunity to express opinions, share ideas, and receive feedback from peers who are engaged in the same audio objectives and who share a passion for the same hobby.

These rules will be enforced with vigilance so please be aware of them and please respect them. Every member is responsible for reading these rules and abiding by them. Please do not claim ignorance to breaking the rules as it is expected that you have read them and will agree to use them along with the site's TOS.

The full rules can be found here:


As you know, the mod team's responsibility is to enforce these rules. The spirit of the rules are simple, and are encapsulated in the "Quick Start Guide" as thus:

1. Be polite.
2. Stay on topic.
3. Listen to the Moderators.
4. See 1-3 above.

Participants should stay on topic and be respectful to one another.

Members should also note that we will start to enforce the signature URL rules (only official CAM dealers are allowed to have URLs in sigs now), so please remove URLs if you are not a dealer. You should receive requests from mods soon asking you to do so if you do not.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy CAM, but do so within the rules of the site.

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