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Canuck Audio Mart Banner Advertising Rates

The Power of Repetition!

Advertising works, having your banner in front of users, over and over drives home your message, and brings you new customers. Canuck Audio Mart (CAM) is growing on a daily basis. CAM has been online since 2000 and shows great signs of success as a market for Canadian sellers and and International buyers to get great deals on HiFi, Home Theatre, car, audio and associated items.

CAM is a free service to regular users and it will remain that way. I have created this site out of interest on my part. Yes, I've sold several items on CAM! Dealers who wish to post classifieds must either be advertisers on the site, or else they must contact me for a "Dealer Account". Click here for more information on these accounts.

Banner Types and Rates

All packages are for a specified period, not based on exposures, there is no limit on the number of exposures for your banner!
Each page within the classifieds and the front page of the site will have the same layout as the image shown below. At this present moment, forums will NOT be showing banners. There are two types of banner ads positions available, Rotating and Static. *Please note that your individual banner can be animated or static itself.

  • Static Banners Positions: These positions are filled by only ONE advertiser. As the sole occupant of that position, you warrant 100% of the exposure through that spot.
  • Rotating Banners Positions: These rotate between a few advertisers, but at a lower price and at better locations. The number of advertisers per position in this type is capped to allow for optimal exposure per advertiser.
Check out the banner layout and rate card below to and take advantage of an opportunity to market to a very specific target audience of audiophiles and enthusiasts!

Rates are current as of Jan 2015
Canuck Audio Mart has been growing every year for the past 10+ years! CAM has always been Canada's largest classified site for audio enthusiasts and one of the largest audio related sites in the entire world! Over 25,000 visitors come to CAM a day, and we deliver over 8million pageviews a month to audiophiles, enthusiasts, and hobbyists in Canada.

Growth is great for both Canuck Audio Mart AND our advertisers, because it means you reach more of your intended customer! To help support the continued development and maintenance of CAM, CAM has revised its pricing, effective Jan 2015. CAM has always reflected the highest value in targetted audio advertising and continues to underprice all of its positions compared to the industry standard. To compare how we are priced, click here to read about why advertising on CAM is such a great value and why you need your advertising on our site!

Order Your Banner Ads Now!

Order Banner Advertising: Please email to reach our CAM Sales Representative to let us know which of the following Options you would like. If you already have a banner designed, please attach that as well and we'll have it up and running on our site in no time.

Help With Banner Design? If you need help with creating a banner, you can get one custom designed by CAM. Whether it be a static or multiple-image animated banner, we have the resources to create one to your liking. All banners are professionally designed to create an image of your company that you would like to promote to the public. If you're interested in a custom-designed banner, please state this in your email to Sales. If you would like to design one of your own instead, you can click here for some industry-standard tips that CAM has provided for those more adventurous.

How often will my ad show?
If you buy an entire spot, your ad will show around 3,500,000 to 5,000,000 (3.5-5 million) times per month. Buying a single spot shows between 200,000 to 600,000 times a month depending on position.

All positions except for position 5 and 7 will also show up in our new Mobile site.

Position Type of Banner / Details Option No. / Price
1 Rectangle: 120 (w) X 135 (h) pixels

Top left corner of each page.

There are 3 spots in this position, or you can take all spots.

$1500.00 / six months / per spot
$3500.00 / six months / all spots
$2000.00 / annual / per spot
$5000.00 / annual / all spots
2 Static Rectangle: 120 (w) X 135 (h) pixels

Second from top, left side of each page. Prices shown are for static position.

$1000.00 / six months
$1700.00 / annual
3 Static Rectangle: 120 (w) X 135 (h) pixels

Third from top, left side of each page.

$1000.00 / six months
$1700.00 / annual
4 Static Rectangle: 120 (w) X 135 (h) pixels

Forth from top, left side of each page.

$1000.00 / six months
$1700.00 / annual
5 Rotating Rectangle: 468 (w) X 60 (h) pixels

Second from top, middle of each page.

6-1 Rotating Rectangle: 230 (w) X 60 (h) pixels

Left-sided, top middle of each page.

4 rotating spots available in this position.
(i.e. There can be 4 advertisers in this position, or you may occupy the entire position.). This position gives around 140,000 exposures and 35-60 clicks a day for someone occupying all positions, a tremendous value and excellent branding opportunity!

$5000.00 / annual / all spots
$3500.00 / six months / all spots
$1650.00 / annual / per spot
$1000.00 / six months / per spot
6-2 Rotating Rectangle: 230 (w) X 60 (h) pixels

Right-sided, top middle of each page.

$500.00 / annual
$325.00 / six months
8 Semi Static Rectangle: 120 (w) X 135 (h) pixels

Top right of each page, 12 spots available, or you can take all slots of this position or take advantage of our special rate for 4 spots (33% of all displays)

$400.00 / six months / per spot
$3500.00 / six months / all spots
$650.00 / annual / per spot
$5000.00 / annual / all spots
$2000.00 / annual / 4 spots special
9 Rectangle: 120 (w) X 135 (h) pixels

Top right of each page only one spot is available and it will show every single page.

$4750.00 / annual / all spots
10 Static Rectangle: 120 (w) X 32 (h) pixels

Top middle of each page.

11 Static Rectangle: 120 (w) X 32 (h) pixels

Top middle of each page.

$600.00 / six months
$1025.00 / annual
15 Static Rectangle: 120 (w) X 32 (h) pixels

Top middle of each page.

Send email to: Canuck Audio Mart Sales for more information or to set up your banners!

Canuck Audio Mart is FREE!