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Username: CanadianMaestro
Location: Capital Region, AB,
Forum Profile:
Payment method: CASH, INTERAC/EMT
Feedback Received: 252  See details
100% Positive Feedback from 144 users
Member since:Jan 10, 2013
Last seen:This week
46 Forum posts   |   8 Current Ads   |   591 Total Ads posted   |   255,044 Ad views   |   PayPal:   |   Followed by 53 members   |   212 items Sold   |   60 items Purchased


Selling to Canadian buyers.

Select Gear I've Sold on CAM:
AKG Q701
ALO Amphora
Audeze LCD-2.2 with Silver Dragon bal
Beyerdynamic T1
Bryston B100-SST
Bryston BP17
Burson HA160
Burson Soloist
Clearaudio Smart Phono
Fiio X3 player
Grado GS1000i
Grado PS500 (original)
Grado RS1i
Grado RS2i
Grado SR60i x 2
Grado SR80i and SR80e
Marantz Tjoeb '99 CDP (CD38 + tubed output)
Musical Paradise MP301 Mk3 tube amp
Ray Samuels SR71B
Ray Samuels Tomahawk
Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD650
Tivoli Audio Music System
Woo WA6 headphone amp
Woo WA7 headphone amp/DAC

Cabling I've sold on CAM:
Asylum power cords
Audio Sensibility Statement OCC Silver AES
Black Dragon balanced cable (LCD-2)
Silver Dragon balanced cable (LCD-2)
Cardas Clear Beyond power cord
Cardas Clear, Clear-M, Cross, Golden Ref, Parsec, Twinlink power
Cardas Clear, Clear Reflection, Golden Reference RCA
Cardas Golden Presence, Clear Light RCA
Cardas Parsec, Neutral Ref, Crosslink, Microtwin RCA
Cardas Clear, Golden Cross, Golden Presence, Cross, Parsec XLR
Cardas Clear, Parsec, High Speed, Lightning-15 digital
Cardas Clear USB
Cardas Crosslink speaker cable
Cardas headphone cable (HD650)
DH Labs D110 AES/EBU
Furutech Formula-2 USB 3.5m
Pangea AC14
Sennheiser HD650 stock cable
Shunyata Alpha-Digital Zitron 15A
Shunyata Cobra Zitron 20A C19 2m
Shunyata Cobra Zitron 15A x 2
Shunyata Venom-3 x 2
Shunyata Venom-3s x 3
Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB

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