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User Feedback for Acoustic Technologies on Canuck Audio Mart

Username: Acoustic Technologies
Location: QC, Canada
Feedback Received: positive feedback 110 neutral feedback 1
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Feedback Summary
Last 1 month(s): 000
Last 6 month(s): 1300
Last 12 month(s): 3300
105 items sold   |   1 item purchased
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Feedback Received
From Aurlieus

posted: Mar 14, 2015

positive feedback

From sg60

posted: Mar 12, 2015

positive feedback

From seba007

posted: Feb 14, 2015

positive feedback
Feedback related to: Totem Speaker Beaks

From R-B-M

posted: Feb 09, 2015

positive feedback
Generic Feedback

From AudioBug

posted: Feb 03, 2015

positive feedback

posted: Jan 28, 2015

positive feedback

From elrocco

posted: Jan 27, 2015

positive feedback
Feedback related to: CEC TL0X CD Transport

From Tonythai

posted: Dec 23, 2014

positive feedback
Feedback related to: Jadis JS1 MK3 tube DAC

From eire626

posted: Dec 13, 2014

positive feedback

From dr57

posted: Dec 10, 2014

positive feedback

How to Leave Feedback

If you responded to an ad
If you have responded to an ad posted by Acoustic Technologies that lead to a transaction, and would like to leave feedback, please visit Acoustic Technologies's list of ads, select the ad that you relates to your transaction, and then click "Give Feedback" to leave feedback for the user on that item.

If you posted the ad
If you were the one who posted the ad that lead to a transaction with Acoustic Technologies, you can leave feedback for Acoustic Technologies from your classified ad page.

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