Beefy snakes sound great

Fantastic build quality with top notch connectors
Passes full spectrum of source signal for those looking to bring detail to a warm tube system

Large brown snakes in your living room may frighten your wife...maybe a silver jacket would be more esthetically pleasing.

I got this cable form good ol' Omer at Oz Enterprises and had a grand old cable shootout. Compared the Monster Biwire with Oz's own Unity Solid Shotgun biwire (a new solid core product line), Ultralink Excelsior Biwire, and my old QED biwires. All comparisons were done using an Arcam CD73T player and a Raysonic SP100 integrated tube amp.

The Ultralinks kind of disqualified themselves because the short-ish banana connectors on them didn't seem to mate well with the plugs on my speakers. I had a hard time making a solid connection. Omer was willing to change the connectors for me but I ended up declining. I did get them rigged up for a couple of hours and felt that they were ultimately neutral and not much of a step up from the QEDs I was looking to replace.

The Solid Shotguns were a step up in detail and resolution from both the Ultralinks and the QEDs but ultimately I found them adding too much warmth to a system that tends to the warm side already. I would heartily recommend these cables to somebody with a solid state system that's looking to add a little tube-type warmth to their system without actually going down the tube path.

I ended up choosing the Monster Link biwires for the reasons listed above in the "Pros" section. The build quality of these cables is absolutely above reproach and if you want something that feels and looks solid these are the cables for you. The Unity compression bananas on my sample cables fit perfectly on both the speaker and amp end of the connection. Literally "plug and play"! As for the sound I discovered a whole new level of detail lurking in my source material. I've found the cable swapping I've done in the past to provide incremental differences. This is the first time I've noticed a truly perceptable difference when swapping one set of cables for the next. Overall the sound from these cables was fuller, richer, and more detailed than any I had heard before. I sure there are higher levels of resolution available (at much higher price points) but in my rather modest system I feel like I'm getting full value for my money.

Written By: canphan on Aug 1, 2006

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