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Jupiter cd player

Sleek design , fit and finish and good solid construction.
Rega didnt skimp when they put the Jupiter together. It is very user friendly and appears to be typical of most Rega products - well engineered and likely to last forever.
The real icing on the cake is the performance.In the fist few minutes of my listening session I observed wonderful detail and coherence. I was pulled right in to the music and felt totally involved.This is what music is all about.
Many cd players do a commendable job of putting out the information but here we have something special in the Jupiter. It does everything right without being clinical
or detached in its presentation. Listening fatigue is somthing you dont have to deal with . On the contrary, you end up wanting more.
I have auditioned a good number of players in the past few months.Each had somthing to offer . I didnt find a really bad one in the bunch. Cd players have progressed since the early models hit the showrooms both in design and performance . My first cost me a lot of money and the funny thing is, I rarely listened to it.Over the years there have been improvements made and I now have a decent cd collection which I use and enjoy daily.

The jupiter is from a highly respected British company who have obviously done their research and have come up with a real winner.
Take a tour of the current cd players available with a handful of your favourite discs and audition the Jupiter last.
It is like a pleasant slap in the face.
Pricewise it is a real bargain but for me the cost is less important when you are getting this kind of performance.

Written By: UKCAN on Jul 31, 2006
Last Updated By: UKCAN on Jul 31, 2006

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Re: Jupiter cd player

Hello Mate, how're you keeping? well I hope. Have moved on from the Sevens you gave me, actually gone Royd crazy, have a pair of Minstrels SE, RR2, Sintars II, Squires and a pair of Sorcerers sitting in Birmingham hoping to pick up next time I'm there.

I still have a chuckle when I remember you and your oriental girlfriends, you did bloody good. We have to meet up for a pint or two one day, can't get used to having a coffee at tim hortons rather have a pint of Mild at a pub, take care of yourself mate, next time you.re near cambridge or Kitchener pop in loads of Brit Pubs around her

Cheers Vinny

By vbasra on Mar 8, 2015

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