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A nice step forward.

Wonderful realistic sound, particularly with many accoustic instruments. Guitars a speciality! Good build.
Opportunity in the future to change the tube compliment and adjust the 'sound' of the unit further.

Somewhat chintzy drawer mechanism (works fine but lets down the 'feel' of the unit slightly)

After reading many glowing reviews of thtis unit, both here and on other audio sites, I decided that the Jolida should probably be my next step for a digital source. I eventually found a used unit which I purchased from a fellow CAM member and had the opportunity to try it head to head with the Rega Planet (Original) that it was being purchased to replace (If it was indeed a better unit for me!). Very solidly built and with a nice weighty remote the unit does a nice job of being visually and ergonomically pleasing. My only beef so far has ben a rather fast and noisy drawer that works fine but really doesn't match up with the smoothness and quality feel of the CDP otherwise

My first impressions were that the Jolida did indeed bring a more lively, realistic sound to the music. Accoustic instruments, guitars in particular, had a much more realistic 'there' sound to them with everything from bongos and hand claps to bass guitar sounding to my ear far more real. A perfect example is during a cut on the Dido album Life For Rent. In the background you hear what I used to think was hands clapping. With the Jolida it sounds more specific and you can hear that there are hands slapping something else solid like a piece of leather (Lederhousen perhaps?).

I actually didn't find as much difference with vocals as I had expected I would and in fact there are one or two female vocalists who I found became just a tiny bit harsh through the Jolida. Perhaps it is just playing their voices more accurately and revealing that there are aspects of their vocals that I don't really like. Aside from that one quibble I have found that I like the presentation from the Jolida over the Rega in all other aspects. To really demonstrate its prowess cue up the track "Yulunga" by Dead Can Dance and let 'er rip! Wow!!!

It is a smidge fussier with the condition of CDs than the Rega had been. There are a few lightly scratched CDs that it has issues with that the Rega didn't, but on discs that are in good shape ,and with all burned Cds that I have fed it, it has played without a hitch.

Written By: CornerCutter on Jul 31, 2006

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Re: A nice step forward.

ah i have to agree with you this is a very good tube player,i have a borrowed one from a friend here at home, yes a giant killer no doubt.

By graham1 on Jan 4, 2011

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