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Home > Brands > Quad > Classic MKII > Polygon Studio (QUAD Classic MKII Mono Blocks)

Polygon Studio (QUAD Classic MKII Mono Blocks)

Affordable tube compliment: EF86, two KT66, one GZ34
Compact chassis (each): 12.25" X 6.5" X 4.75"
Respectable rated power: 15W (11.8dBW into 8 ohms)
MFG: Made in Germany according to the original QUAD specification

Termination: RCA
Binding posts: Gold plated

I have been using these mono blocks in my main system for just over 3 months. Knowing that efficient speakers work best with low wattage amps, I am currently running Yamaha NS650 monitors @ 87dB/M the amps perform very well producing volume levels in excess of 100dB with little effort. The NS650 12" driver is well controlled by the Quad II's, mids are smooth - not sharp, and the highs are nicely attenuated.

Overall I am very impressed by the sub $4000 amp with well controlled/vintage sound of replicated/refurbished QUADS from 1957, Musikwiedergabe GmbH has gone through great lengths to ensure the specifications met the original design criteria.

Other equipment used for review:
Audio Note M3 Line Stage preamp
Audio Note RZero/II Phono preamp
Thorens TD126 MKII turntable
Dynavector 20X cartridge

Berlotz - Symphonie Fantastique
Camden Classic 45RPM Vinyl

Recommend for audiophiles with high efficient speakers and enjoy Jazz/Classical music.
Do not recommend for Hard Rock/Metal

Written By: polygon on Aug 15, 2014
Last Updated By: angust63 on Aug 16, 2014

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