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DH Labs Silversonic Q-10 vs. CABLE4YOU Audio X-treme

I had a chance to check out the reference cable mentioned above when I was deciding between two another Europe producers.

After replacing my previous interconnect DH Labs Silversonic Air-matrix, (which is, by the way, an outstanding wire especially for its asking and let me tell you unbeatable price!!!). Well, after that replacement the soundstage got steadier and immediately I noticed slight shift towards bottom end.

I have been trying to look for a convenient interconnect since I auditioned nearly complete REGA system including lovely warmly sounding CD Jupiter 2000, pre-amp Rega Cursa 3 + power amp.Rega Maia 3 coupled with 2-way French floor-standing speakers Cabasse Farella 402. Especially with
Farella 402 the overall sound had always leaned to upper midrange lacking down-to-Earth slamming bass to push you into your comfy chair!!! All the stuff I have is supposed to be literally initial "peep into" a high-end sphere compared to commercial fancy plastic-looking stuff.

According to variety of reviews, I'd spent some time over, my Farella 402 belongs among the so-called neutral speakers, but still were imagining somehow up-range. I
often asked myself "Where all the bottom line bass has rolled off?"

With CABLE4YOU Dee-Lite interconnect the whole stage got somehow into place by better location of musical instrument - mainly while listening to chamber music or 3-4-men jazz - unpleasantly piercing upper midrange has
lowered to the place where it should have belonged to a long time ago and I finally felt the bottom line!!! The sound stage - especially after exchanging my previous speaker cables DH Labs Silversonic Q-10, http://www.silversonic.com/, for Cable4You Audio X-treme, http://www.cable4you.eu/, also got much wider both ways from left to right and front to back.

The voices don't sound too harsh any more and I quite like to be withdrawn into that magnificantly immense space image still without lacking sufficient detail. Although a bit of shadow seems to be cast onto the music,
surprisingly enough there is simply nothing to be lacking, which just makes me wonder how it was achieved.

To shorten it up - I am at last happier and have finally stopped searching for another pair of interconnect to get the best out of my system - now I am more than satisfied unless one wants to take the hell deeper bury into one's pocket!!!

I didn't believe that wire would matter that much until I checked it out and found for myself. Maybe this could be the path to choose if you consider appropriate rewiring. Finally got a feeling of listening to music itself
rather than cables and wondering what could possibly „improve“ the sound. By the way, to put you on track, I just luckily happened to get all the wires
second-hand so I didn't really bleed to death and still don´t regret a single penny:)

Written By: jay_p on Oct 11, 2009

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