Fantastic tube integrated

1) Absolutely stunning looks and build quality. This unit is built like a tank and seems to weigh about as much when you try to lift it into your rack. Binding posts, input jacks, etc. are all top quality. Also, I've had quite a few pieces of stereo equipment come through my place in the past 6 years or so but I've never received such a high WAF on any piece so far. This doesn't tell you anything about how it sounds but those of you that are married will know how important this can be! ;-)

2) Truly deep and tight bass. Beats the EL-34 monoblocks I was running previously all to hell. As and example I'll use "Dark Star" from the Grateful Dead's Live/Dead (or better yet the nicely remastered 2nd disk of the 10 disk "Complete Fillmore East 1969 Box Set"). This is a song I've listened to easily a thousand times without exaggeration. Never have I heard Phil Lesh's bass notes so clearly and felt them so viscerally. This is not one of your tube amps with bloated or diffuse one-note bass. I'm listening to "Bring the Funk" by Ben Harper right now and the Raysonic is definitely bringin' it!

3) Lush mid-range...of course this is what most tube amplifiers are reknowned for so the Raysonic *should* do this well. It does it in spades.

4) Highs are clean and clear. Cymbals hits ring natural and true with nice decay. No tizz.

5) Very detailed. If you have a source that's analytical in nature the Raysonic will present exactly what's there and may even dig out a little more than you've heard before. And, of course, the EL34's will sweeten those hard old digital recordings up a bit as a bonus.

1) Not really a con but something that should be mentioned: this thing throws a *lot* of heat so make sure it has a lot of ventilation space. I had to completely re-arrange all of my components to give this beast room to breathe but it's worth it believe me.

2) The remote is a little flimsy even though the top face is done nicely in machined metal to match the amp. However, you need to be directly in front of the amp for it to respond to commands from the remote. Again, not a big deal but it can be a bit of a pain.

Picked up this beautiful looking and sounding piece from Omer at Oz Enterprises. Now that I've had almost a week of constant listening to this wonderful amp I'll try to sum up a list of pros and cons as above.

All in all I feel like this is the best audio acquisition I've made in quite some time. I first saw and heard the SP100 at Son & Image in 2005. I've wanted one every since and now that it's in my living room instead of an acoustically dead hotel room it sounds and looks even better. I can't recommend this piece enough, especially at the price.

Written By: canphan on Jun 4, 2006
Last Updated By: catherinek on Jun 27, 2006

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