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Vandersteen Vandersteen 2M series subwoofers

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Vandersteen Vandersteen 2M series subwoofers
To accurately reproduce sound , an audio system must
cover the entire audible frequency range. It must reach the
highest harmonics and the lowest fundamentals. It must conveythe delicacy of a brushed triangle as well as the authorityof timpani drums. Size, price and design considerations often compromise the deep bass response of full-range loudspeakers. They lack the bass extension and intensity to correctly duplicate the low frequencies that form the critical foundation of sound. They sacrifice deep bass detail in exchange for mid-bass or midrange performance.

Vandersteen Model 2W series subwoofers augment the
deep bass response of your present speakers. They provide
the power, dynamics and low frequency detail required for superlative reproduction of music and film. They assume the
responsibility for deep bass reproduction, improving the midbass and midrange response of your system.
The 2W subwoofer series benefits from our years of experience designing and building loudspeakers of unparalleled value and performance. It couples advanced materials, construction and design with innovative technology in a system that is always true to the emotion and content of the original sonic source.

The 2W series is completely upgradable. As future improvements in technology and/or materials enhance the
subwoofers capabilities, cost-effective updates will be available to upgrade existing units to the latest components, performance and specifications.

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