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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:34 pm 

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I bought a t8ie mii from kobeblue for 580 usd via paypal friend because he said he had a problem once with sending too a customer in USA where the guy said he had a problem and Rorce said he knew there was no problem and things got ugly(kinda like whats happening here probably lol). He said its normal for canuckmart small community members too do emt or pp friend etc and "stands firmly behind his product". The item was described as 9/10 Excellent condition. Upon receiving one earbud had lots of solid earwax and the other had none which alone is just inexcusable for a product that goes 800 bnib. I then proceeded too take off the solid wax with a toothpic and got most of it off but of course theres still some probably on the insides and its discolored after doing my best. I then went too listen on the computer and one side had way more output then the other. I switched the earbuds left and right too be 100% sure and my brother confirmed upon listening as well. This guy Rorce has 70 great feedback and sells 1000s of dollars worth of audio equipment. I sent the product back paying 46 usd shipping. He then played games telling me he had his young friend listen and only on "some songs"(how many songs have you heard where one side is audibly louder than the other, i havent heard any that come too mind.) is one side audibly outputting more.

Hi Ryan,
I have checked the gears.
Everything is OK.
I got my young colleague to check out the imbalance of the two sides.
His comment is the right side is not uneven in sound playback compared to the left by much.

What I started with him trying it out is that I didn't anything about the issue you mentioned.
I just asked him to try it out to see whether he likes the sound.
Then I asked him to take a note whether there is difference in the two sides.
He said he didn't notice any.

Then I said, don't you notice the right side comes out lower sound than the left.
Then he tried and said perhaps slight lower but it has to do with the recording.

Honestly, with my A&K DAP, I can adjust the L/R to accommodate the difference if there is.

Ryan, I truly respect and take your word and as promised, will refund CAD 700 to you without further question.
I think it is reasonable that I covered the ship-out postage and you covered the return one.

Please provide me an email address to PayPal you as friend.


...... very interesting. So long story(and long indeed it is, so many emails, this guys a real game player.)

I don’t need a weekly payment plan.
I am making it clear to you I am not obliged to make any payment other than refunding you the full amount you paid me, whether it is

Please discuss this with PayPal as I suggested to understand your position and right as buyer and discuss with them how come they charge you the fee on top of the deep cut they make from the exchange rate.


You are getting unreasonable in the field of purchase and sales over CAM, EBay and PayPal.
You should research into what buyer can or can not expect when return product.
I suffered my time and should not have sold it to you in the first place, I paid over $50 for shipping. Did I ask you to refund me?


This guy then proceeds too bullying. I am sure that on business transactions through paypal and ebay you get a Full refund for a product not as decsribed. So basically i put in 580 before the usd too cad conversion and it was through friend and he demands that I PAY FOR 46$ SHIPPING BACK? For what and why, this is the question. I paid for a 9/10 excellent condition t8ie m2 and got nothing near, an imbalanced one sided heavy ear waxed thing that i wouldnt even have payed 30 bucks for had i known beforehand. So, I have been a very very nice guy and given him the benefit of the doubt since his feedback is very good(not sure why, guess his bullying has worked i dont know) too pay for the 46 usd shipping back. He refunded me a total of 520 usd so im out 106 including what i put in originally @ 580 + the 46 shipping. This is just the ultimate game playing it appears too me. He says its normal for the customer too pay for shipping back which makes no sense too me as if an item is not described thats completely different. Anyways, weve done like 100+ emails and this whole thing is just so annoying as i could have simply bought from someone else and been satisfied ugh. And here he says that he woould remit the difference of the 60$ in this email and then in the next he backs off the statement.

Hi Ryan
Please show me on screen how much you paid in US$ equivalent to begin with for CAD 700.
You said it came to you as USD 250
I will verify it and will remit you the difference taking the hit of the currency conversion on me.

I have make it very clear that if you decided to return it, you would have to bear the shipping.


then a few days later ...

Hi Ryan,

First of all, I don’t agree with you that there is anything long with the balance of the two sides as you suggested. AKT8ie is a very high end iem that will reflect truefully the quality of a recording from playback.
If the source is poor and not in “balance”, it will playback as it is.
Using an over $1,000 iem to play music from a computer set up will not serve it right.
I have had experience in high end iem including Shure SE846 when listening to vocal, in particular, if the singer sings from the right, you hear the sound louder in the right. While some other tracks from another recording, the left will sound or appear louder whether it is vocal or instrumental.

The matter of fact is even if it was a SNAD (item not as described) with all your argument, my obligation is to refund you the amount paid to me. I am not obliged to refund you the return shipping cost nor be difference in the exchange rate.

As for the currency exchange difference, I took the position from the start that I would only accept payment in CAD and in refund the payment, I would only pay in CAD which was what I received in he first place.
I noted that when making payment, you paid US$ 562.12 and yet only received USD 520 46. You should go after PayPal why they make such a deep cut in the exchange.
As for the fee, you should also discuss with PayPal why they charged you about 3.28% on top of their deep cut in the exchange.
As you remit the payment as friend, why they charge you a 3.28% fee

I also was charged a fee when renting CAD700. But it is only US$2.22 for the transaction.

Please refer to EBay and PayPal policy for the return policy.


Boom im out 60 + the 46. Great. What do I do?

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:59 am 

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My advice, let it go.

Not worth aching at lenght here. Next time, take a close-up photo of what's wrong (a cell phone pic will do). In this case the ear-wax build up, which was not for you to remove.

This alone might have rendered the subjective listening evaluation by the seller futile.

Then you concentrate on the the actual facts and obligations of both parties. Not dilute the whole thing with whos right on how the thing sounds.

And if the seller does not comply with hard factual obligations as a seller, forget about him and let the whole world know. This is what the feedback system is for.

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