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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:16 am 
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jbet wrote:
i had my home theater and 2 channel in one system for years and as my equipment got
better i felt the av pro-pre was the week link for music. so i ended up getting a 5 channel amp for my
center channel and rears and a good 2 channel amp for my to front mains. then i got a good
2 channel preamp for my music. all i do is switch the cables on the 2 channel amp when i listen to vinyl.
i have since bought a tube preamp for music and couldn't be happier. you could use a switchbox
if you don't want to do the plug unplug thing. i use a linn kinos (no hdmi) and an oppo blue ray
player and my ht system sounds great. i use the hdmi on the oppo and the analog connections
on the linn. the linn kinos can be found cheap these days. a 2 channel preamp does something for
music that a av pro-pre can't do imho. john

There are quite a few modern 2 channel preamps that have accounted for this by incorporating an "HT Bypass" input. You send the front l/r preouts from your home theater receiver or processor into the HT bypass input, and when that input is selected it sends the signal directly into your amps at unity gain (which is whatever signal level the receiver or processor is sending it).

It's a really great way to integrate a dedicated 2 channel system with a home theater system. I use it with my Wyred4Sound STP-SE preamp for my dual-purpose system.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:38 pm 
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FYI: if seriously considering used Anthem Statement pre-pros, be sure to wait for a deal on the final iteration of the line - the D2v.

They came as both 3D and non-3D versions, and it sounds like 3D video is not a priority for you, so it is likely the non-3D version will suit your need and command a lesser price.

Bob Pariseau (Anthem Guru over at AVS Forum) declared his surprise at how the audio from the D2v bettered the previous D2 version. This assertion can be read here ->, and is discussed in greater detail, earlier on amongst the 44,943 posts of this massive, ongoing thread.

I have a D2 in my stand (no "v" suffix :( ), and find it to be an amazing all-round control centre. For the purist, there is an Analog-Direct mode, which bypasses all digital processing - including ARC - and behaves as a straight-wire path through the volume control and on to the outputs. Only a minority on AVS report a preference for this mode when listening to 2-channel; most judge the benefit of ARC to outweigh introducing ADC/DAC processing.

Since adding the D2 to my world, I've been able to enjoy a growing number of MUSIC titles mixed for surround. When done right, this adds a thoroughly enjoyable dimension to the listening session. From original new 5.1 mixes, to re-imagined Classic albums in 5.1, to clasic four-corner Quadraphonics of the Seventies, the D2 has enabled bigger, broader smiles for me and the friends who join me in the sweet spot.


"That's not a Toy... It's A TOOL !!"

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