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PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:03 pm 

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I run a company called FoldBack Sound. If you were at the TAVES this year you may have seen the room I shared with Audio Oasis. If not, no worries. I can help you with your acoustic treatments
either via emails or in person. Room treatments can and do make a huge difference in the way you will experience your music but if you don't know what you need or where to place it, you could be throwing your money away.

You have a very long room and I take it you run your speakers along the short wall. This will allow at least one full wave length of all audible frequencies to propagate in your space which is great for bass response generally speaking but you will have nodes which are locations where standing waves occur. if you have walls, you will have nodes. these standing waves can saturate the room with an overload of bass or a nullifying of bass depending on the wavelength of the note being played and where you are seated. neither is desirable so we need to minimize the number of nodes in our room. Once you arrange your listening space with furniture and decide the orientation of your system, there will be one and only one optimum location for your loudspeakers. This location will exhibit the minimum number of nodes or standing waves possible within your space and also minimize the amount of room treatments necessary to attain as even as possible room response. I am addressing bass issues now. As the saying goes, "get the bass right and the rest will fall into place".

There is much truth in this as excess highs are easily tamed with proper placement of absorptive or diffusive materials. bass on the other hand is much more difficult to tame if your room has many parallel surfaces and dimensions which are whole number multiples of each other. You will notice well designed and great sounding theaters have very few parallel walls and combinations of absorptive and diffusing materials on many wall surfaces. What you must decide is whether you want to do the treatments yourself or have someone do it for you and how much treatment the powers that be will bear. ,Spousal approval of large bass traps and multiple panels on the walls is generally very low.

Suggest you purchase the 'Master Handbook of Acoustics' by F. Alton Everest, the father of acoustic studies. Soft cover is about $40.00 and it will save you a bundle if you build treatments yourself. I did my room for about $800.00. I built and installed 8 - 2'by4' panels and three bass tube traps, 22" by 78" high. I gained clarity and an increase in bass response with greater extension. Unfortunately Nodes are a product of room dimensions and they can never be irradicated completely but you can make them far less obtrusive.

if you would rather leave the job to someone else, hopefully experienced, you can hire someone like myself. I will give you an excellent starting point to place your loudspeakers along with a few suggestions for listening position etc for free if you forward exact room measurements, wall compositions, thickness of your ceiling and precisely what is behind the 'cheap ceiling tiles".
I charge very reasonable rates to come out and take measurements, make assessments and place your loudspeakers in their optimum position. At this time I will suggest the number, size and type of room treatment if necessary and show you how to build them or where to buy them. Panels and traps can be pricy so I recommend DIY.



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