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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 12:34 pm 

Joined: Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:54 pm
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My server is my photography editing/gaming desktop in my office that I bought an extra Western Digital 4TB Black hard drive for music, which is backed up to an external HDD and to cloud. Then I send the files over ethernet to my streamer/dac. Zero USB gadgets, digital converters etc.

Start at 6:20 unless you want to hear a bunch of marketing about the DAC (which I have and love btw). It's the CEO of PS Audio introducing the PS DSJr and later starts talking/ranting about various types of inputs, pros and cons. Click on the watch on Vimeo button.

I use Roon but previously used JRiver. Some people have said HQPlayer is the best and Roon will talk to this HQPlayer but it needs an NAA compliant device which aren't really that common. Honestly even a Squeezebox Touch with all the latest updates can do DSD out the usb and 24/196 out the coax.

I'd love see a SSD vs HDD blind test. What a good laugh that would be :lol:

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 1:11 pm 
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sthomas1049 wrote:
David_big_ears wrote:
I'm lucky, buzzinghive, I have one of the new fanless (convection liquid cooled) laptops. It's got a solid state hard drive, so no spin noise either. It's basically completely silent: ... tchalpha12

About $700 on sale at with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage. For about $100 you can add a 200GB microSD card for more storage.

Perhaps a lot for a "music server" but you also get the latest generation corei5 computing power and a laptop you can use on a plane for 4 hours without recharging. :wink:

The Acer is a nice little laptop with a pretty ingenious way of dissipating heat through the aluminum back (which is thermally connected to the heat pipe inside). The CPU will throttle down if under load for too long but that should never be an issue if it is being used for audio playback. Just be carful not to dent the back – any damage to that heat pipe will affect its thermal performance.

As cool (no pun) as that Acer is, computer fans do not need to be audible to be effective. My rig below has a total of 10 fans, 2 for the front radiator, 3 for exhaust (rear and top), 1 for the PSU (behind the motherboard) and 4 for the 2 GPU’s. It is configured so that under a light load, such as audio playback, only the 2 radiator fans and 1 exhaust are operational at their lowest RPM. Sitting 6 feet away this is not audible at all. It is not until the computer become heavily taxed do the other fans begin to kick in. Even under extreme stress tests such as AIDA64 the computer is barley audible which demonstrates how efficient it’s cooling is. The larger the fan, the higher the CFM which means you can run them at a lower RPM for quieter performance.

I do not recommend a high-end build such as this for audio playback – it would be wasted. Just demonstrating that a silent computer can also be one with some horsepower behind it. Although mine was purpose built for audio playback, it does perform many other taxing duties. Low latency is more important for audio than computing power.

Okay St. Thomas. I have to ask... What do you need TWO GTX980 boards for? :shock:
Hopefully you work in a proteomics lab or something and aren't just playing HALO or whatever. :wink:

Free is my favorite price.

At my desk right now: Kavent CD-731, Gallo Stradas, Gallo TR3D Sub, Raysonic SE-30A mk II (winter amp), ShengYa AS90 (summer amp), Dragonfly DAC2

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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 3:03 am 

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Think it through, people - a low-end cell phone will stream 1080p video, and cruise through 256-bit encryption. Streaming music is extremely low end work, and the tech to do it properly matured years ago.

The cheapest unit that will run your required software is all that's needed. If you're all nervous about "noise" and "jitter" plug the server into a USB Regen - for $175US you're assured of a virgin-pure audio stream.

Consider a Tidal stream - where's that originating? How many servers and hops through cheap-ass cables, splitters, and industrial routers do you think that's suffering? If shitty equipment degraded the signal (even the tiniest bit), it'd be utterly unlistenable by the time it reached your stereo.

That you can actually perform internet banking or receive and open an emailed Word document in your home should be enough to convince you that low-rent equipment is far more than sufficient to stream music.

Spend more and you'll get a fancy faceplate and not much else.

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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2017 7:19 am 

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Client or server?

My servers (which do alot of media storage, audio processing, rendering and automated scraping / uploading) are in the thousands total but I've gotten very lucky with timing. See as many businesses move to the cloud, their IT departments are just liquidating very expensive gear for peanuts. I have like 256gbs of ram running right now for under a grand spent I think.
Storage is an entirely seperate cost and with 100ish tbs stored you can imagine there's a significant amount invested over the years. Nowadays Ive stalled my growth because I'm moving everything, and all my new snatches to my google business account.

Clients, anywhere from 30-40 dollar pi's to 3k workstations that double as my gaming machine.

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