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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:59 pm 

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gnickers wrote:
Like many i got started back in the 70's, first system was dynaco tube amp, original AR turntable and AR2 speakers. Fast forward 40 years and i decide I want a system that sounds like the performers are in the room. After a lot of research and trial/error i learned:

- price is not the best indicator of sound quality
- buy good used equipment from reputable sellers
- most audio magazines and reviews are useless
- most LP's and CD's are horribly engineered - take time to find good recordings!
- beware high priced 'audiophile' brands, do you want audio jewellery or good sound?
- there are many different ways to get 'good' sound, you have to know what your goal is

I do have a set of Sound & Vision (Canada) and The Audio Critic and found both very useful sources of information (along with anything written by floyd toole). The annual S&V buyers guides are still useful today. For example, compare specs for old decks with current high priced turntables i am amazed at how crappy some of the new ones are.

My strategy was to gradually upgrade and to put most of the $$$ into the speakers. After some years i am almost there, about the only thing i am contemplating buying is a better DAC and V2 of my sub when the right price comes along. For a lot less than most of the systems in this thread i have a stereo that sounds great, goes from 20hz-20khz ruler flat and voices sound real, a piano sounds like a piano etc) System connections are pro xlr cables (no kimber monster shunyatas in my house) .

Waveform Mach 17's with paradigm active servo 15" sub
Wyred 1kw mono block amps
Emotiva pre-amp with electronic crossover
Emotia ERC-3 CD
Emotiva DAC
Kodi media center PC

Wow, words of wisdom, I could not agree more. Do not put a lot of merit into magazines, reviews, or reviewers. Do not think high price equals high quality. Remember most of the recordings are less than stellar, find the good ones.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:23 pm 
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Holy thread resurrection, Batman! :mrgreen:
This thread is from Feb 8, 2011...until brought back to life today. :shock:

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