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Would you consider these speakers or recommend them to a friend
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:09 pm 

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with confidence; see my excellent feedback from Canuck Audio Mart and Audiogon under “guru”

Hifi shop direct is thrilled to announce the introduction of Larsen loudspeakers to the Canadian buyer.
What does Larsen mean you ask? It's Swedish for " Smart Investment" (kidding)

We are offering the entire line up of Larsen speaker systems from Sweden. Each of them providing unparalleled performance for their size, the easiest room placement, and very high WAF or pardon me, DAF (design acceptance factor)

Promotion: Gold for Old promo for the first 10 pairs of Larsen's we will take any set of speakers any condition any age for a trade value of up to 800.00 against one set of Larsen's* depending on the model purchased please call for details.

Plus ake advantage of the current exchange rates and save even more on these outstanding products.

Phone contact 250-351-4020

Note pricing is based on current USD to CAD exchange rates and can vary accordingly.
Please inquire at time of purchase

Perrys 2 cents.
As you all know by now, I get very enthusiastic when a product comes along that really exudes value and offers tremendous performance, throw in some legitimate technology that actually serves the consumer and finally satiate an element that has eluded the industry for years, and now you got my attention!

My opinion, on the Larsens in general. This is without fail one of the best valued, smartest designs every conceived, while it may not be for everyone for the vast majority of music lovers who share space with the rest of humanity they can be your knights in shining armor.

They are small in size, take up almost no space in the room, placement is against the wall almost out of sight, out of mind (kind of), create a massive but accurate soundscape with even dispersion across the room so that everyone can dig the tunes. All the models are almost full range with very deep tuneful bass, expansive mids and smooth un fatiguing highs...
Oh and with Models starting at just 1995.00 USD won't break the bank.
For those that like to read them, there are also many excellent reviews in multiple languages.

Want to make your girl happy, make your wallet happy, make your ears happy, make yourself happy.

Think Larsen.


Many of our clients have tried to figure out how to make the best of a theater/music system. Sometimes is a difficult choice, and most often unless you have deep pockets yields a compromise for the music lover or audiophile.

Hence more and more of our clients have taken my advice and decided for the same investment as a 9.2 Atmos system, invest it in a two channel music system with a high-end screen for movie nights. For the most part, people don't seem to miss the multi channel effects but prefer the fidelity of the two channel for music.

Part of the illusion requires speakers that throw a vast immersive soundstage and as of today, The Larsen's are an excellent choice for this application, something to think about when contemplating a home theater/ hi-fi system combo.


As a matter of fact I'm so confident in this product I will offer you the Larsen Challenge, audition them with no obligation and you can receive a 50.00 gift certificate just for trying them. Contact us for more details,

Models all prices in USD
Larsen Model 4 1995.00
Larsen Model 6 3895.00
Larsen Model 8 6895.00
Larsen SC 4 1245.00
Larsen SC6/8 1995.00


Positive Feedback
"Your music loving friends that don't aspire to be or insist on degenerating into audiophiles are going to love the performance of the Model 4s. An emotionally engaging experience is offered that includes pretty exceptional macrodynamic contrasts from such a small speaker, making them a finish line speaker in medium to small rooms. They do "deep bass" which is a holy grail for some, but do it with a measure of subtlety. Imaging will sound like real live music in rooms populated by dozens if not hundreds of people like you, rather than a performance for just one listener. As a final bit as a somewhat efficient speaker (87dB at 8 Ohms), you won't need a behemoth of an amplifier to create a satisfying system. This last bit will allow you or your friends to consider a broader range of good to excellent amplification options at reasonable prices.

If you've heard the Model 8s at a show and liked them, the Model 4s are voiced very similarly, though the 8s do have more bass and composure, and a greater capacity to rock a room. The Model 4s are a bit less dynamic, as you'd expect with just two drivers versus the six in the Model 8s. The Model 4 is an easy recommendation, whether as a starting point for your budding audiophile friends or as a destination speaker for music lovers that will accommodate their lifestyle."

Absolute Sound
"he Larsen Model 8 is to my mind a speaker that everyone seriously interested in audio ought to listen to and at as much length as possible since one needs to adjust to its quite different approach to reproducing sound in rooms. There are things it does, and important things at that, that to my mind lie at the heart of actually sounding like live music. The approach is entirely different from the near-field, directional speakers that can also claim a really accurate reproduction of what is on the recordings, albeit in a different way. But the approach of the Larsen Model 8s has a [img][img][img][img][img][/img][/img][/img][/img][/img]validity of its own. How speakers should work in rooms is not a very standardized matter. But the way of the Larsens is one of the ways that works. The Larsens, most impressively, really sound the way music actually does sound. The Model 8s are not just another try at making a speaker like all the rest except better, as so many high-end speakers are. Rather, the Larsen Model 8s are something special in their own right."

"So let me put it to you this way: The Larsen 8 isn't for everyone. It's for those who just want a pair of speakers that will last them the next 20 years or so, and will provide insight, enjoyment, comfort and ease, and the occasional thrill. If that's you—and especially if you're also the sort who wouldn't mind getting off the audio merry-go-round for a while—the Larsen 8 is an easy recommendation.

HiFi Shop Direct

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