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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:55 am 

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Like many audiophiles over the past decade I moved on from the 'old' sound of Cardas to clearer, more transparent and sharply defined musical notes and images. About four years ago I settled on Transparent's Super level for both speaker and interconnect wires. And, I've been living happily ever since -until I got back into vinyl.
Side note: About six years ago I sold my TT, phono and most of my vinyl to one person who lives about an hour away. We had stayed in touch so, when the vinyl bug bite me, I contacted him and he agreed to sell me back my 300 or so favourite titles and my phono stage. A great guy. I also purchased the Rega Planar 3 (2016) with a Nagaoka (MP110) cartridge.
Now, as the months went buy I noticed how much vinyl was either badly recorded or pressed. So, a friend lent me his Quadlink to use coming out of my Belles phono stage to my Magnum Dynalab 309 Hybrid Integreated amp. I also tried it on my Marantz SA-8005 CD/SACD player. Well, in both cases I preferred the music with the Cardas delivering the signal to the Magnum 309. For info, speakers are the Spendors S8e.
Why? The Quadlinks gave me more of the mid-hall perspective I prefer (rows K to P, for example), less forward and the whole more integrated. In no examples were the Transparents cold or analytical and yes, I could tell they were more neutral. The Quadlink's sound seemed more rounded -more acoustic and tube like. A little bit like why I still prefer my plasma TV over LCDs.
As a result, I bought my friends set and found a pair of 'new old stock' Quadlinks (just like NOS tubes -maybe in more ways than one!). I sold one of my two pairs of Transparent Super to help pay for the two pairs of Quadlinks. I'm keeping the second set -after all, my tastes may change again -even if I am approaching 70.
In regards to the speaker cables, there won't be any changes. I've heard a system with Quadlinks at both ends and it was just too much of a good thing. Besides, owning different interconnects becomes the easiest and cost effective way to fine tune a system' sound.
But till then, I'll live with the colourations that the Quadlinks bring and enjoy the music.
For what its worth, Bob

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