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Why Advertise on Canuck Audio Mart?

CAM represents one of the best values in advertising for Audio and Video related businesses.

Why banner ads on Canuck Audio Mart?

Every single customer of ours who advertises on the site is getting tremendous value, and excellent response. There are 3 things to take into consideration:
  • Studies show that banner ads increase brand awareness, and affect subsequent visit and purchasing decisions even if the user does not immediately or ever click on the banner ad.
  • Each of our banner positions, on average, are seen 200,000 times a day, and receive 35-75 clicks per day. That's 35-75 leads generated per day, every day.
  • On average, Canuck Audio Mart banner positions, and the cost per lead, per click, or per exposure, is 50-75% cheaper than similar or even less targetted avenues of advertising (such as other websites, even smaller websites, local newspapers, televison commercials, radio ads, bus stop ads, flyers, mail outs, and Google or Bing/Yahoo ads)

Site quality and relevance affects banner effectiveness and brand recognition

Studies show that advertising is most effective when the target audience is already interested in the type of products you sell and if the location where the advertising appears is highly relevant to the customer's interests. The fact is that:
  1. Advertising has to be published on sites with a high customer loyalty. We have some of the most loyal users in the world.
  2. Customer loyalty to the site will carry over to the advertising published on that site. Our users often recommend our sponsors to their friends and acquaintances
  3. Effectiveness of advertising increases if it located on pages with content that is related to the services offered by the advertising. The ONLY type of user we cater to are audio and video enthusiasts within Canada.

CAM is the most concentrated place to advertise

We have one of the largest audio/video audiences in all of Canada. Here are the facts:

Consider this: In a country of 34 million people, in the 12 months ending Dec 2014, 1.9million completely unique Canadian visitors came to Canuck Audio Mart with an intent to buy, sell, or trade in audio or video related products.

CAM is one of the highest values in audio advertising

Actually, we represent one of the highest values in advertising, period.

Compare value to local newspapers:
CAM is cheaper, more relevant, and delivers more leads than newspaper advertising.
Advertising Venue Cost per day Circulation per month # of times your ad is shown/month % of circulation that are audiophiles Leads Generated Cost per lead generated
CAM buying an entire spot $10-14 400,000-600,000 3,500,000-5,000,000 100% 35-75 per day $0.25-0.35
CAM sharing a spot with other advertisers $1.5-5 80,000-150,000 300,000-600,000 100% 5-25 per day $0.25-0.35
Local Newspaper Classified $10-15 200,000-500,000 Unknown Who knows? 10%? Unknown Unknown

Compare value to other online advertising:
CAM is 40-75% cheaper than Google, Bing, and Yahoo advertising, and will generate more leads per day for the same daily cost
Advertising Venue Cost per day # of times your ad is shown/month Leads Generated Cost per lead generated
CAM buying an entire spot $10-14 3,500,000-5,000,000 35-75 per day $0.25-0.35
CAM sharing a spot with other advertisers $1.5-5 300,000-600,000 5-25 per day $0.25-0.35
Google Adwords $10-15 100,000-300,000 10-20 $0.50-2.0

Summary: Facts that will shock you

  1. For only $300-500 a month (depending on position), we can show your ad 4-5 million times a month to audiophiles.
  2. If you have a lower budget, you can still get 350,000 or more exposures a month for cheap. On average you pay less than 1/10th of a penny each time your ad is seen.
  3. On average, your cost per person to come to your site is $0.25 if you buy for a year. On Google you have to pay from $0.60 to $2 per click for audio related ads.
  4. Most of our positions have a wait list, and some of our customers have renewed with us every year for 8yrs or more!
  5. On a typical site with focussed audience and good reputation, the industry normal cost for advertising can be $2 to $15 per thousand exposures (and higher, depending on the type of site). We're charging as low as $0.15 per thousand exposures.
  6. In "advertising jargon", our rates work out to around $0.15CPM to $0.25CPM. Those of you familiar with the term, and who have spoken to newspapers and radios or television, will realise that ths number is ridiculously good value.
Compare this to what you used to pay for Yellow Pages, Newspaper Ads, Radio Ads, or others:
  1. Even at its peak, the Yellow Pages could NEVER have boasted your ad can be seen even half a million times a month by audiophiles. People pay $250-10,000 a year for that?
  2. Ads on our site tend to be animated, your message is much larger than what you typical get in other venues.
  3. When was the last time your local newspaper, radio station, or tv show told you they could have your advertising exposed millions of times a month to audiophiles?
  4. Every single visit to our site is by a person with an intent to buy, sell, or trade audio equipment. How many of your ad dollars get you millions of exposures to people in that mindset? Even audio related sites can't make this claim, as many of their users are there for social purposes, research purposes, or looking for help with a problem with existing items.
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