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SOLD - FOR SALE: Thiel 3.7 Speakers - Rare! - Premium Morado Finish!

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Info: Thiel 3.7 Speakers - Rare! - Premium Morado Finish!

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CAD $7000.00
Retail Price: CAD $17000.00
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Condition: 8 - Very good (?)
Date Posted: Jul 11, 18 9:25pm (PST)
Edited: Aug 02, 18 3:47pm
About Seller: ON, Canada
Product Brand: Thiel
Product Model: 3.7 Speakers
Days in System:22

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Thiel 3.7 speakers, premium Morado finish, in gorgeous condition!

Although I rated conservatively at “very good,” these speakers have received the “white gloves treatment” in my home and are just beautiful, gleaming like they just came off the factory floor! (As you can see from the photos).

I have the original shipping boxes, as well as the floor spikes for the speakers. I’m listing them here first because, even though I have the shipping boxes, I would much prefer to not ship and thus LOCAL PICK UP will be heavily favoured over any other offers. I’m in downtown Toronto.

These have become VERY rare and sought after on the used market because everyone is keeping theirs, for good reason. It also helps that, even though Thiel folded, servicing and parts will be available long in to the future, as former Thiel employee Rob Gillum has set up a service department for all legacy Thiel speakers (including the 3.7s). See info here:



I’m selling only because I need to downsize a bit from the 3.7s.

$7,000 is a very good price for these rare speakers, especially in a finish and condition that will be hard to find elsewhere, so please no low-balling.

If you are looking at this add you probably have some familiarity with the 3.7s already, either as a Thiel fan or from the fact their profile was so high in the audio community, given they were such a significant final flagship speaker from Jim Thiel, and were the subject of tons of rave reviews. No need to provide links to reviews as plenty will come up if you google these speakers.

Instead I’ll just add my perspective of my time with the Thiel 3.7s, my personal little “review”:


I’ve owned and had through my room many excellent speakers - Von Schweikert, various Audio Physic, Hales Transcendence, Waveform, Quad ESL-63s with gradient subwoofers, Shun Mook Bella Voce, Meadowlark Herons, Spendor, Harbeth Super HL5 Plus, Theil CS6, MBL Radialstrahler etc.

The Thiel 3.7s are simply the best speaker I’ve owned, and one of the best I’ve ever heard.

Once I decided a while back I had to slightly downsize I started auditioning everything in sight to see if I could replace them. That list includes: Audio Note AE, Audio Physic Avanti (new version), the new Focal Kanta 2, Raidho X1 and C 1.2, JM Reynaud Offrande Supreme V2, Paradigm Persona, Revel, Monitor Audio, Proac D20R, Kudos Titan 505/606, Harbeth - full line, Kharma CRM 3.2 FE, Joseph Audio, Devore and most recently the new Magico A3 speakers.

After every audition of a new speaker, I would come home and listen to the same selections on my Thiel 3.7s only be be blown away again. Every time the sensation was that the Thiel 3.7 seemed to be doing effortlessly what most speaker were trying to do, without breaking a sweat. That is: despite being fairly large floor standing speakers, they totally, utterly disappear from top to the very bottom as the direct sources of sound. Even the lowest bass is utterly detached from the speakers and placed holographically wherever the instrument in question exists in the soundstage. In contrast, with pretty much every other speaker there was always some giveaway of a speakerly quality, some boxy resonance, or some bulge here or there in the frequency range, or some tonal fiddling. The 3.7s just sound utterly boxless and free of tonal discontinuity through their whole frequency spectrum.

They sound open and airy, exciting, yet rich and full. Musicians just appear between and around the speakers.

Thiel used to have a reputation for being in the “ruthlessly revealing” category, if not even somewhat bright sometimes. Though even back in their large CS6 model, which I had, that reputation was overblown as the CS6s were very smooth and unfatiguing.

Of course Thiel’s line “A Coherent Source” indicated their famous time and phase coherency, using first order crossovers and coaxial midrange/tweeter designs. The attributes of time/phase coherency continues to be debated, and Thiel was only one of a handful of companies taking their speaker accuracy that far. But whatever accounts for the sound, the Thiels have special sonic attributes: to my ear (and many others) the Thiels seem to clean up and organize the sound sources. Where many other speakers produce a sort of “swimmy” soundstage and imaging, the Thiels line up all the sonic information and attributes for any voice or instrument so they are all coming from a specific place. The result of properly lining up all the sonic information is a particular level of solidity and density to the sonic images - a point-exactly-to-the-performer aspect and a reach out and touch it palpability. And to my mind the dividends this pays isn’t simply for imaging fanatics - the sense of a singer right there, or a bongo or drum head being struck, or a synth line just appearing as a vibrating column in front of my ears, the punch of a kick drum, aids in the feeling of liveness, dynamics and connection to the music. Especially with rhythmic music, I find it impossible not to be bopping to the sound. When an orchestra swells, there is an air-moving density and realism to the event.

The tonality and grip of Thiel bass has always been one of their finest features and the 3.7s newer woofer designs improve even there. I haven’t heard more controlled bass.

If I could fault the older Thiel coax speakers (e.g. the CS6s I had), it’s that the first order crossover, even with the coax design, could still render a teeny bit of hollowness in the midrange, especially when the listener moved. And even when perfectly seated the the oldThiels, though tonally very exacting in timbre, had a slightly reductive quality - instruments could sound just a bit squeezed smaller than life.

The completely re-thought coax design for the flagship 3.7s, with the flattened/ribbed midrange allowing for even better pistonic performance and removing any conical interference with the tweeter, finally eliminated that last criticism. The midrange of the 3.7 isn’t reductive at all: it’s full, rich, smooth (even more so than the Harbeth Super HL5 Plus I had in my home), and as far as I can tell, perfectly coherent. Unlike almost every speaker I’ve auditioned, with the Thiels I simply can not “hear out” the tweeter as separate from the mid driver, or the mids from the bass. It’s simply from head to toe, the most coherent sound from any speaker I’ve experienced. A violin can play up and down from lowest to highest register, and it never sounds anything but real.
When I play many realistically mic'd male voices on other speakers, there's always a moment or two where they hit a note and the sound bulges due to some frequency variation, or speaker resonance. But on the Thiel 3.7s, male voices can sing in to any register and remain richly, humanly rounded, yet never revealing any frequency humps, resonances or speaker-like quality to break the illusion. And they maintain their tonality over a wide horizontal and vertical listening space. These are not "head stuck in the vice" speakers, but put out a very natural sound through the whole room.

The soundstaging and imaging on the 3.7s are incredible - realistic vocal and instrument sizes, width as wide as the recording allows (beyond the sides of the speakers sometimes), and massive image depth. (And that’s coming from someone who also owns MBL omnidirectional monitors - famous for their holographic soundstaging). Yet the Thiel 3.7s never produce the wispy sound of speakers that “disappear” well; there’s always that Thiel density and presence. And despite the high tech metal drivers, the Thiels don’t sound inherently “cool” at all, but rather are capable of reproducing that beautiful warmth of tone, where wood really sounds like wood, brass like brass, voices sound organic. When I look at the engineering and technical innovation that went in to the 3.7s as well as listening to the result, it seems to me that many newer speakers are still trying to catch up.

They play well with both tube and solid state amplification. (I’ve been using Conrad Johnson tube amps).

So these would have been my end-game speakers, except for the fact that they went in a room in which I switched my seating arrangement. This meant the speakers had to be placed just inside the room entrance, and their depth impedes getting in and out of the room somewhat.

With luck, I was able to pick up a second hand pair of the smaller Thiel 2.7 speakers, which came out after the 3.7s and use the same coax design. They give me a nice helping of the 3.7’s attributes, on a smaller scale, but aren’t as deep which makes them fit my room situation better.


Thanks for looking! Get ‘em while they last....:-)

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