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FOR SALE: Paradox Pulse R, Denon 103R, DL103R, Universal, ZU

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Info: Paradox Pulse R, Denon 103R, DL103R, Universal, ZU

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Date Posted: Feb 09, 18 9:10am (PST)
About Seller: Paradoxent
United States
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Product Brand: Paradox Pulse Guard Denon DL-103R
Product Model: Pulse Guard, Denon DL-103, DL-103R, ZU, DL-A100, 103, 103R, 103S, 103D, 103 Gold, etc...
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My website has a lot of information about these cartridges on it, www.paradoxpulse.com

The $600- is for my standard matched channel Pulse Guard R (103R motor) already broke in with 50 hours of clean playing time, ready to enjoy.
My records are sonically cleaned and the cartridge stylus is cleaned periodically with Moongel damper pads and then LAST stylast treatment with the #5 on the bottle, which is a lubricant. Ware is absolutely minimum and when you get the cartridge it is ready to play and enjoy.
The Denon motors need break in time as out of the box they sound terrible. If you do NOT want the break in service just let me know. The best value in cartridges in ALL of analog period!
Load at 400 to 700 ohms.

The Newport Audio Show 2016, a taste of what was heard! Read comments on Perla Audio room.


This is the new Paradox Pulse R phono moving coil cartridge. In MATCHED channels. Also available the Pulse 3 for $100- less.
It is Denon 103R based but the Pulse takes it to another level with it's lead micro damping rigid shell, and epoxy. The stylus guard is able to function as originally intended to prevent accidental damage.
The billet T-6 material that Paradox uses promotes coupling and reduces mechanical resonances, is manufactured in the USA along with the bodies and their anodizing.

The anodized colors available in order (see picture with 9 colors on website as this ad will NOT let me change pictures) are clear, blue, satin gold, gold, dark red, satin burgundy, red, green and black!

These cartridges bring a new level of resolution and transparency to your musical experience.
All frequencies and the extremes are more detailed and dynamic, the warmth and textures, body if you will, are much improved over the stock unit. The whole musical event is more alive and realistic, allowing you to get completely lost in the moment.
No etched, harsh, or manufactured sounds here just musical enjoyment.
Stop paying $199- for lead dots to put on your head shell and enjoy what 40 pieces of lead shot, with your cartridge, can do for you.
Remember friends don't let friends use stock Denon's!
There is no better Denon mod anywhere period.
Wood bodies are great also (next to leaving them stock) but have too much resonations (even when potted) and reduce what the Denon motor are capable of and are rarely if ever square (parallel walls) making set up more difficult.

Try my modified Abis SA1.2 tonearm with Cardas clear phono wire, match made in heaven.

I also offer a service for $179 free shipping (that is the body and service to pot your cartridge, return priority shipping signature required) to put your 103, 103S, 103D, 103GL or 103R etc... into one of these great bodies and ship it back USPS priority signature required.
I also sell this body in a kit for you to pot with the perimeter lead already installed $119- free priority shipping removed email for privacy (removed phone number for privacy).
Total weight of the Pulse cartridge is ~ 16 grams.

Thanks for looking and check out my web site!
Terence Robinson
15085 Coalinga Road
Victorville, CA 92392

NEW Pulse universal cartridge body $40- made specifically for the Shure SC35C MM cartridge but will work for many other Shure bodies and other brands as well. Just attach with epoxy. Available now.

These cartridges were featured in the Perla Audio analog room at the 2015 Newport Audio show (RM 221). CAF 2015 room 404 with gtaudioworks.


customer comments;

The cartridge came this morning. I appreciate the extra efforts you made, to make sure the box came with no issues. I installed it on my Dynavector arm. I'm sure you know better than me, it might be the easiest high end arm to install a cartridge. I'm listening to my second LP side, and it sound terrific.

I see no difference, and maybe better in some areas,than my $3500. Koetsu Rosewood model. I think the R has a better mid-range. It seems to be very clear. Thank you again.

Your cable look amazing ! I do not have the funds to purchase the DAC, and wont have until the beginning of March. I would like to try a set of your cables.

Would you consider making a USB cable ? I have a DAC that I want to have an audiophile USB cable, when I attach my Macbook Air, for music. I would also be interested in 1 pair of RCA cables to go from my Phono Preamp to my system Preamp.

Thanks again. I am not on Facebook, only LinkedIn. If you would like a nice posted referral or testimony of the R cartridge, please tell me where you would like me to post it.

PS. It beat the pictured model attached ☺
Kind regards,

Mike Siegel

This August, I sent my stock Denon DL103R cartridge to you for upgrade and now that I have 50 plus hours of playing I wanted to provide you with my feedback. I don't actually track or note my playing time but I typically listed for 1 to 2 hours each weekend (wish it could be more) plus I listen here and there in the week but I think 50 is fairly close. When you sent back my reworked cartridge everything looked great so I mounted it up using the provided protractor that came with my Music Hall mmf 9.1 turntable. You suggested 100 hours for break-in so I didn't do a critical listen for several hours. I did note some things however. The very first hour or two the cartridge sounded terrible! bright, compressed, sibilant and etched... My system at the time: Music Hall mmf. 9.1 Turntable BAT VK-30 Preamp Pro Ject Phono Box RS Musical Fidelity A308 Amp KImber 8 tc biwire B&W 803S Rega Saturn Kimber KCAG IC I adjusted the gain to 60 and the loading to 600 ohms and started into listening. After a few hours the cartridge opened up nicely and I started to realize that it may turn into something special. The sound-stage opened up and the edge began to wane. Fast forward... I made some changes to my system, the first was to go to Audioquest Pikes Peak bi wire speaker cables. The system was sounding very nice but there were noise issues and I realized that my tubes were going and I needed to address these soon. I kept listening but these issues held things back. I replaced the tubes in my VK-30 preamp and then bought a BAT VK-10SE with Super-Pak phono pre. I then set up the cartridge using a Mofi Geo-disc and I paid close attention to VTA (exactly 0 deg.) and reset my tracking to 2.508g using a Accoustech digital scale. I took my time and I feel that my cartridge is now properly set. Now... The cartridge sounds amazing to me. Wide open sound. Sibilance that was there before is completely gone. Very neutral and I feel it doesn't favor or hinder any frequency. Extremely musical and great detail without any hint of analytical drawbacks. The VK-10SE really helped but that is an $8k phono matched with a sub $500 cartridge and the combo sings!!! I couldn't be happier and I would highly recommend the Paradox Pulse to anyone and everyone. You were great to deal with and you turned around my cartridge in 3 days... Exceptional results, exceptional communication and exceptional service. I will spread the word!!!!

"I'll have more later. Know this. Your cartridge is better than anyone will
believe. Dan Rosca, DR Consulting, Buena Park, removed phone number for privacy, a true Linn expert,
carefully examined your workmanship and found it impeccable. He worked hard to
tune my Linn Sondek LP-12/Ittok LVII so that it would work. I doubt if you've
heard better. He adjusted the phone stage input impedance to 600 ohms after
careful listening. He cannot believe that the cartridge already had 50 hours on
it. The sound was better than any other 103 mod he's encountered; although he
thought XYZ did a good mod years ago at 3x your price.
BTW He didn't use the lead tape, because he had some tooling. The expensive
counterbalance on eBay is better than the Linn one, but I stuck with stock -pricing.
You and Dan are similar people in some ways. I'm not sure you'd get along -
strong, tech opinions, but you're both very good. He really wants to mount your
cartridge on a Grahm 2.x series arm or a VPI.
Lastly, my system is now show quality. OMG the sound is now heavenly."

"Hi Terence
Thanks for your e-mail. I'm listening to music every night with a big smile on my face. All problems with the s-sound are gone and it sounds great. My records has never sounded as good as now. I started to by records in the mid 1970 and today I can hear new things on the old records. It's great.

"Very good Paradox mod! Took my cartridge to another level! A+ Thanks T"

"It sounds amazing! The grado was trumped!"
"Awesome sounding cartridge, especially the Bass."
"It sounds great, much better then the original Denon DL-103R"
"Best cartridge for the money ever,incredible,A+++"

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Cartridge, owner's manual, hardware.

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