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Linar Audio amplifiers are the fruit of 3 decades of Experience, Research and Development in the audio field. Rethought and redesigned by Victor Sima, the new Linar amplifiers will carry you forward in the new millennium with style.

Victor Sima has been involved in many design developments since the late 70's. His groundbreaking work included establishing the relationship between Transient Intermodulation (T.I.M) problems and sound quality.

In the early 80's an amplifier was considered good only if it had very low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) figures. In order to obtain low THD, designers used massive overall negative feedback techniques. During this era, Victor Sima was the head of Sima Electronics Company where he developed a different approach to amplifier design; Amplifiers designed with low negative feedback.

The approach was to look at each stage of the amplifier as an individual amplifier, then reduce local feedback and extend the frequency response as much as possible. Listening test were used to optimise the local feedback current and voltage of each stage. After optimisation, the individual stages were connected together to form the whole amplifier. The amplifier then passed a series of bench tests with resistive and complex loads to ensure stability. This design approach didn't have the impressive distortion figures of amplifiers using overall feedback, but had more impressive sound quality, and for most audiophiles that is what matters most. Still today, this is a widespread design approach amongst many well-known amplifier manufacturers.

In the early 90's this design was advanced and refined, yielding new products, new cosmetics, and a new company name. Victor Sima sold the company, and it continues to be a major player in the high-end audio field to this day.

In the late 90’s, Victor Sima rekindled his passion and formed Linar Audio Inc, and has since worked on new design approaches with the same goal in mind: To build the best sounding amplifier ever built.

New technologies, including advancements in loudspeaker design, SACD, DVD-Audio, and high-resolution home theatre have increased the demands placed on amplifiers. Today’s amplifiers need to be much more dynamic, yet increasingly able to reproduce all of the subtleties and nuances of music.

At Linar Audio we continue our research to achieve the highest possible quality audio components for your enjoyment.

To fully understand why Victor Sima's creations are above and beyond the rest of the crowd, and how his new products are simply the best available at any price

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