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ATOLL is an accessible high-end audio electronics brand handmade in France with the highest standards of quality and perfectionism.

Our goal is to allow a very large audience to listen to high performance, high definition true "high-end" audio sound at reasonable prices and to enjoy ultrarealistic high fidelity music with presence, depth, and a dynamic sound stage.

To achieve this goal, ATOLL offers a product line with an unbeatable and incomparable musicality/price ratio.

Therefore, we have made specific choices, such as simultaneous measuring and testing for each new product being developed by our R&D team.

Another key choice ATOLL made is not to alter whatsoever the sound quality in any way. That is why we have no "BASS" nor "TREBLE" meters on our amplifiers, since those adjustments have many disadvantages : the frequency and phase responses become non-linear, additional "coloration" and artificial or parasite "noises" are added, which take a toll on sound clearness and transparency and hamper the whole system's dynamics.

Using the Bass or the Treble to correct imbalances from the loudspeakers or from the room the listener is same as correcting a problem by another problem, which destroys the integrity and unity of the high-fidelity system.

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Amplifiers / Solid State Amplifiers
IN-100 (Black) -
CD Players & Transports
CD80SE -


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