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Count Basie

Artist Profile

Real Name:William James Basie
VariationsBasei,Basie,Bill «Count» Basie,Bill Basie,C Basie,C. Basie,C. Dasie,C.B.,C.Basie,C.W. Basie,Casie,Count "William" Basie,Count Basie & His Orchestra,Count Basie & The Orchestra,Count Basie & Voices,Count Basie And His Orchestra,Count Basie Jam,Count Bassie,Count William Basie,Count Williams Basie,Dasie,Page [Wrong Credit],The Count,W. Basie,W. C Basie,W.Basie,W.C. Basie,Wiiliam (Count) Basie,William 'Count Basie',William 'Count' Basie,William "Count" Basie,William (Count) Basie,William Basie,William C. Basie,William Count Basie,William J. Basie,К. Бейзи,К. Бейси,Кант Бейзи,Каунт Бейси,カウント・ベイシー

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