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Charlie Parker

Artist Profile

Real Name:Charles Christopher Parker Jr.
Variations"Bird" Charlie Parker,Big Foot,Bird,C Parker,C. Bird,C. Parke4r,C. Parker,C. Parker Jr.,C. Parker, Jr.,C.Parker,Čarli Parker,Ch. Parker,Chalie Parker,Chan Parker,Charles "Charlie" Parker, Jr.,Charles Bird Parker,Charles C. Parker, Jr.,Charles Christopher Parker,Charles Christopher Parker Jr.,Charles Parker,Charles Parker Jr.,Charles Parker, Jr.,Charley Parker,Charlie,Charlie 'Bird' Parker,Charlie 'Yardbird' Parker,Charlie "Bird" Parker,Charlie "Chan" Parker,Charlie "The Bird" Parker,Charlie Christopher Parker,Charlie Parker "The Bird",Charlie Parker & Band,Charlie Parker Jr,Charlie Parker Jr.,Charlie Parker The Fabulous Bird,Charlie Parker With Unknown Afro-Cuban Band,Charlie Parker, Jr.,Charlie The Bird Parker,Charlie Yardbird Parker,Charls Parker,Charly Parker,Chas Parker Jr,Chas. Chrisopher Parker,Chas. Parker,D. Parker,Kparker,P.D.,Parker,Parker Charles,Parker Jr,T. Parker,Паркер,Ч. Паркер,Чарли Паркер

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