Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Banner Ads on AudioMart


How can I make an effective banner?

An ideal banner has two qualities: it promotes an online image of your brand, and it brings the right visitors to your site. The following recommendations will help you design your banner to achieve the above goals.

  • Any user is more likely to pay attention to a banner that has quality graphics and a clear message. Use images of popular items that you carry or the brand logos that you want to be known for.

  • AudioMart allows you to use animated GIF images, but make sure that each panel that is designed is visible for at least 2.5-3s. Fast panels that appear to flash will irritate users and are not allowed on AudioMart.

  • AudioMart allows you to use animated GIF images.

  • Try to use clear fonts that are easy to read and large enough to be legible. Don't try to crowd the banner with too much text that makes it harder to read.

  • Only use audio, hometheater, and A/V related imagery. We do not allow images of models in banner ads.

  • Adding a "call to action" such as "Click Here" to your banner can also increase user engagement and clicks. Studies show that call to action text can often improve the user's engagement with an ad.

  • Look at banners that are used by popular sites in their advertising campaigns and try to analyze them. These sites pay a lot of money to top designers and marketers, who know exactly what they are doing.

  • Come up with different variations of your banner and see which one (or maybe even more than one) works best for you. Experiment over a sufficient span of time, so that your results would more accurate.

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The typical shared position can have from six to twelve advertisers in it. Banners are rotated randomly amongst all advertisers in a position. Ad serving will not appear random or sequential throughout the day on a per visitor basis. This means that if you visit the site at any point in the day, you may see one banner show more or less frequently than others as the server tries to manage the delivery of the campaigns, sometimes to the point where one banner won't show up during your entire visit or one banner dominates your entire visit. This happens because the ad server is trying to serve a banner which might be falling behind in delivery. It can also happen when a banner is over deliverying for the day and needs to be slowed down. It does not mean that one specific advertiser is being shown significantly less or more than the other. When averaged out throughout the day, every single spot in a rotating position will receive an equal number of impressions per day.

If you are the advertiser in a spot and you're not seeing your banner when you refresh the site, that means other visitors have been seeing that banner and less of the other banners and now your banner is now slowing down while others catch up. Try visiting the site at different times of different days and you'll notice the pattern described above.

The exception to the equal impression delivery as described above is when a customer has purchased more than one spot in a position. For instance, some customers will buy 2 or more spots in a rotation. If they do this, their banner will receive double the impressions per day, but it may not show up twice as much if you refresh the pages, it means that throughout the entirety of the day they will receive twice as many impressions.

If you are still not sure, please contact sales and we can pull up a report to see how your banner is displaying.

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